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Going back a few decades, China was best known for its manufacturing. But today, China has the biggest online sales market in the world, and in China’s gateway city of Shanghai, e-commerce is big business.

Here, the global trend for traditional offline retailers to use online platforms is even more prevalent than other parts of the world. 

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Gateway city

It’s just one reason Shanghai is an ideal gateway for Goodman’s Chinese developments. As mainland China’s financial hub, Shanghai has a growing population that now exceeds 24 million. But the city isn’t economically important due solely to population. In a country where rising incomes are pushing consumption levels ever higher, residents of Shanghai have a disposable income per capita that is 118.4% higher than the national average.

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In addition to Goodman Qingpu Centre, we have seven other industrial properties in Shanghai. These include Goodman Pudong Airport Logistics Park, an award-winning 200,000 sqm development, comprising three phases of two storey ramp-up warehouse facilities.

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